It’s been a couple days since I was terminated. During that time I’ve cried a lot, medicated, and hidden in my bed. My brain is not currently a place I want to be in. I have felt a multitude of feelings and emotions in the past day. Feel free to choose any synonym for “sad” and I can assure you I have felt it. But in the end, all I feel is numb. Losing my job has put me right back into the deepest crevice my depression has to offer me. I’ve never felt it this badly before. The despair, the guilt, the shame, the fear – none of it can hold a candle to the nothingness. The emptiness. I’m afraid of my own heart right now.

I tried to overcome it today, I really did. I told myself that I was in charge of my own emotions. That I could choose to be okay with the way things panned out. So I went to the grocery store. I made dinner. I laughed while watching The Office. But as soon as it was over, I was right back in the middle of my head again. It’s not somewhere I want to be. I want to turn out the light, and just stop feeling. I want these feelings to stop. I feel like depression is a disease tattooed all over my body and there is absolutely nothing I can do to stop it. It’s spreading. I has already enveloped everything I know. Every thought, every feeling, every idea I have.

That first night as I lay in my bed and told myself not to take another sleeping pill, I just gave in. My depression gets to win, at least tonight.

I never, ever thought this would be me. But is that even the truth? I should have seen it coming, shouldn’t I?

Letting people go is something my organization has done many times. It’s somewhat habitual, actually. The words “termination” are words I’ve personally written in many letters to unsuspecting employees during my career there. I always felt sick doing it. Did my employer ever think about how easily they choose to fire people? How it affects these people? What is it about them that makes them come to the conclusion that severing ties with a living, breathing human being is a better idea than trying to work it out, give warnings or second chances? Work on the person rather than replacing him or her? Or is my employer’s quest for gold just too intoxicating? The prospect of walking down that path they’ve cleared for themselves must be much easier than walking up a mountain road to fix a problem. Do they know that the organization is known as the company “where [redacted job title]s go to die”? You can insert three or four specific job titles in there. Mine too, I guess.

And while I’ve now lumped myself into that group of those who were doomed, I can’t help but take a disparate view and say to myself that “I am different than all of them.”

Because I never fucked up on the job. I had glowing reviews. They gave me raises when I requested them. They praised my work, and even flaunted their achievements to their rivals while giving me due credit. More than once, they told me that certain projects were in the best shape they’d ever seen.

But they fired me anyway. I went on an anxiety- and depression-induced medical leave of absence, and the day they told me was my first day back in the office, they fired me. They replaced me. They lied to me when we discussed my return to work plan. They had a minion lie to me, too.

Aside from how abject my mind is, and how wronged I feel, I feel sorry for them. If there is one emotion I feel from the bottom of what’s left of my heart’s ability to feel, it’s pity.

My boss is a kid. His dad created this company, not him. He never had to work from the ground up. He was given opportunities to succeed that millions of people would never have been given. Deep down, I know he knows his privilege and advantage in life.

The next day, when I came to pick up my things, I noticed that he avoided eye contact. He shot the shit with a random dude and excused himself to make a “conference call.” But I know his game. And I feel bad for him. Because he’s playing the “fake it till you make it” game. And it’s not working. He hasn’t enough experience to face things and man up.

The worst part is that he is playing that game with peoples’ lives. He has taught me nothing but the fact that mental health stigma is still very real, and that people who try to get better are going to end up fucked over. 

That’s the golden rule in action, isn’t it.

This post is a mess. I’m sorry. But my mind is a mess, too.

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7 thoughts on “Pity.”

  1. I used to work at a company that was also known to constantly cut down their numbers in order to keep their pockets full. I will never forget going to work one day and seeing a colleague that had worked for 20 years at the company just put all his things into a box and leave.
    I know it sucks right now, but there isn’t a day that I regret leaving the shithole I was in. As horrible it is now, maybe it was supposed to happen so that you could find somewhere much better. Maybe somewhere where you wouldn’t need to write ‘termination without cause’ letters.
    I hope things turn around for you.
    Also, thank you for your kind words on my blog.

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  2. I definitely do agree that it’s not meant to be. I have no desire to work for an organization like theirs. I will find better work one day. I will. But in the meantime, thank you for YOUR kind works. I look forward to reading more of your blog 🙂


  3. I’m catching up on blogs I’m following. Damn. Just WOW and Damn. This sucks ass. Sorry for all the swearing but this really sucks.

    I took 3 weeks leave at the end of August. The company I work for has a program called the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). It’s supposed to help in all kinds of ways. And it helped me. I went in and just poured out my heart. Immediately the counselor I saw started up the paperwork to put me on leave. She followed up with our human resources office to make sure everything was in place while I was gone.

    It’s funny…part of my depression was because of a lot of reorganization that happened in my area. But when we were reorganized no one considered me at all. I was just this, and remain still, a free floating being still waiting to be given assignments and tasks. I have little to nothing to do when I get to work and that makes it so hard to feel connected to this place. I’m a non-entity in my office area and it sucks. I’ve been looking for new opportunities but it is hard.

    So, shit, I can only empathize with you. And it sucks.

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    1. I totally understand how you feel. I have had jobs like that and I recall panicking in my bathroom… “Will this be my life forever?!?”. Good for you for recognizing things and looking into new opportunities. It is hard but I’ve done it before – and prospective employers do love to hear that you are seeking new challenges:) good luck to you!!!!

      PS. On my blog, swearing is always fucking welcome 😉

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